Thursday, August 4, 2011


MIX 1:

"Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get" - Dramatics
"Long Hot Summer" - Style Council
"One More Chance" - Procedures
"Action Speaks Louder Than Words" - Terry Collins
"Ain't No Love Lost" - Patti Jo
"Love Token" - Deep&Disco
"I Can't Fight Your Love" - Modulations
"Windy City Theme" - Windy City Orchestra
"Someday We'll Be Together" - Diana Ross
"I Can't Get Next To You" - Temptations
"Love Thang" - First Choice
"Do It Yourself" - Gloria Gaynor
"Deeper" - New Birth

MIX 2:

"Beware Of A Stranger" - Hypnotics
"Brothers Gonna Work It Out" - Willie Hutch
"Don't Forget About Me" - TNJs
"I Can't Stop Talkin/Koke" - Genie Brown/Tribe
"Turn The Music On" - Orlando Johnson
"Break My Heart" - Kola Kube/Choklate
"The Mexican" - Babe Ruth
"Keep On Movin" - Creative Source
"Masterpiece" - Temptations
"Melting Pot" - Boris Gardiner 
"Make Me Believe In You" - Patti Jo 
"Forever Came Today" - Jackson 5
"Love's Got Your Mind" - Act 1

MIX 3:

"Smile" - Jamiroqui
"Banana Ripple" - Junior Boys
"I Can See" - Jazzanova
"Cool To Make A Miilion" - Cool Million/Leroy Burgess
"Lifesaver/Plain Out Of Luck" - Gayle
"I Love You Yes I Do" - Independants 
"Loves Gone Bad" - Chris Clark
"Body Contact Contract" - Trammps
"Welcome To The Club" - Blue Magic
"Date With The Rain" - Eddie Kendricks
"Hijack" - Herbie Mann

MIX 4:

"Love Strong" - Dan Hartman 
"In The Churches" - Gregory Del Piero/Mariaelena Garcia
"You Should Be Dancing" - BeeGees
"Mighty Clouds Of Joy" - Mighty Clouds Of Joy 
"Disco Inferno" - Trammps (Part 2)
"Soul City Walking" - Archie Bell & The Drells 
"You Are My Everything" - Double Exposure
"Step Aside" - Incognito 
"Only You" - Joi Cardwell 
"In Time" - Richard Earnshaw

All Special Remixes!!!!

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