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Jay Negron on CRIB RADIO - NEW YEARS EVE - December 31, 2020

Hour 1:
*AIN'T NO MOUNTAIN HIGH ENOUGH - Diana Ross [Tom Moulton Mix]
*CHAINED TO YOUR LOVE - Moment Of Truth [Paul Simpson Mix]
*ONE PLUS ONE - Leroy Burgess [Dave Lee Mix]
*LOVE IS EVERYWHERE - City Limits [J*ski Extended]
*BE THERE IN THE MORNING - Renee Guyer Band [J*ski Extended]
*BROTHER GONNA WORK IT OUT - Willie Hutch [DJ Spinna ReFreak]
*SECOND BEST IS NEVER ENOUGH - Finishing Touch [Mike Maurro Mix]
*NEVER GONNA FALL IN LOVE - Diplomats Of Soul [J*ski/Martin Shaw Edit]
*LOVE DON'T YOU GO THROUGH THOSE CHANGES - Sister Sledge [J*ski Extended]
*WE'RE ON THE RIGHT TRACK - Ultra High Frequency [Tommy Musto Mix]
*IT'S IN YOUR BLOOD - Linda Hopkins [J*ski Extended]  

Hour 2:
*FREE YOURSELF - Simpson Uniquity feat. Adeva [Paul Simpson 2020 Anthem Mix]
*OVER & OVER - Ashford & Simpson [Dave Lee Mix]
*GIVING UP - Zulema [J*ski Extended]
*DON'T TURN YOUR BACK ON ME - Frontline Orchestra [Larry Levan Mix]
*PLENTY OF LOVE - MFSB [Robert O & Lil Dave Edit]
*BE FREE - Ten City
*LIFE SAVER/PLAIN OUTTA LUCK - Gayle Adams [J*ski Extended]
*K-JEE - AC Soul Symphony [Dave Lee Mix]
*HIJACK - Herbie Mann [Tom Moulton Mix]
*POWER OF THE MIND - Billy Valentine [Dave Lee Mix]
*FINALLY READY - Shapeshifters [Dimitri From Paris TSOP Mix]
*SOUL SEARCHING TIME - Trammps [Mike Maurro Mix]

Hour 3:
*THAT LADY - Isley Brothers [Walter Mengoni Remix]
*THAT'S WHERE THE HAPPY PEOPLE GO - Trammps [Tom Moulton Special 2020 Remix]
*GRAZING IN THE GRASS - Friends Of Disctinction [J*ski Extended]
*LAW & ORDER - Love Committee [Tom Moulton/Walter Gibbons Mix]
*BY THE WAY YOU DANCE - Bunny Sigler/Instant Funk [Tom Moulton Mix]
*PICK ME UP I'LL DANCE - Melba Moore [J*ski Extended Philly OG Mix]
*USE YOUR IMAGINATION - Kokomo [J*ski Extended]
*I LOVE MUSIC - O'Jays [John Morales M&M DUB]
*GIVE ME LOVE - Cerrone [Danny Krivit Edit INSTRUMENTAL]


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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

CRIB RADIO - TOM MOULTON's 80th Birthday Bash - November 28, 2020

Opening Set Mixed by Robert Ouimet
*TILL ANOTHER DAY - Ceasar Frazier
*GET INTO YOUR LIFE - Garcia featuring Vince Durell 
*LET'S GO ALL THE WAY DOWN - Brenda & the Tabulations
*GET IT ON - Michael The Lion with Amy Douglas
*THE GAME IS OVER - Brown Sugar
*OVER AND OVER - Mr. Bird feat Greg Blackman
*I WOULDN'T GIVE YOU UP - Ecstasy Passion & Pain
*I'M DOING FINE - New York City
*NYC NIGHTS - Drizabone
*STONED LOVE - Supremes
*DON'T DEPEND ON ME - Fantastic Johnny 'C'
*H.E.L.P. - Four Tops
*SHOUT - Trammps

Part 1: (Mixed by Jay Negron)
*THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT (Instrumental) - Baker Harris & Young
*WAITING FOR THE RAIN - Fantastic Johnny 'C'
*POYSON - Gwen McCrae
*I'M IN HEAVEN - Touch Of Class
*YOU CAN'T HIDE FROM LOVE - Sandra Richardson

Part 2: (mixed/Interview by Jay Negron)
*DISCO PARTY - Trammps
*HIJACK - Herbie Mann
*DATE WITH THE RAIN - Eddie Kendricks
*HOW CAN I FORGET - Realistics

Part 3: (Mixed by Jay Negron)
*EVERYMAN - Double Exposure
*LOVE THANG - First Choice
*DOUBLE CROSS - First Choice
*I CAN'T QUIT YOUR LOVE - Bobby Taylor
*PUT YOUR BODY IN IT - Stephanie Mills
*MELTING POT - Boris Gardiner
*I WOULDN'T GIVE YOU UP - Ecstasy Passion & Pain
*ONE DAY OF PEACE - Love Committee
*THAT'S WHAT YOU SAID - Loleatta Holloway

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Monday, November 9, 2020

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Jay Negron on CRIB RADIO - November 7, 2020 - WePlayJams

Part 1:
*DOES SHE HAVE A FRIEND FOR ME - Gene Chandler [Martin Short ReWerk]
*ECSTASY - Barry White [12'']
*AIN'T GOT TIME FOR NUTHIN' - Futures [Young Pulse Mix]
*YOU STEPPED INTO MY LIFE - Melba Moore [John Morales M&M Mix]
*MISSING - Vision feat. Andrea Triana & Ben Westbeech [J*ski Combo Extended]
*KEEP IT HOT - Cameo [DJ Vas Edit]
*CHANGES - Alena [Ron Basejam Remix]
*B2 - Meirelles e sua Orquestra [Sunshine Sound Edit]
*NEVER GONNA FALL IN LOVE AGAIN - Diplomats Of Soul [J*ski-Shaw Edit]
*GET DOWN - Gene Chandler [Rick Gianatos Mix]
*PUT YOUR BODY IN IT - Stephanie Mills [Tom Moulton Extended Remix]
*WEST END GIRLS - Pet Shop Boys [Ben Liebrand Remix]
*EVERYBODY MUST PARTY - Direct Current [Eli Escobar Edit]
*DON'T LOOK ANY FURTHER/LIFE ON MARS - Dennis Edwards/Dexter Wansel [Ben Liebrand Mini Mix]

Part 2:
*LET ME BE THE ONE - Blue Magic [Paul Simpson Mix]
*THAT'S WHERE THE HAPPY PEOPLE GO - Trammps [Paul Simpson Mix]
*BIG STONE WALL - Tapestry [Mike Maurro 7-Inch Mix]
*THERE'LL COME A TIME - Basic Black & Pearl [Jimmy DePre Edit]
*EVIL - Earth Wind & Fire [Jazzy Jeff Rewerk]
*DR. DOO DAH - Kongas [Secret Squirrels Edit]
*MANHATTAN SKYLINE - AC Soul Symphony [Dave Lee Disco Mix]
*IT'S NOT WHAT YOU GOT - Eddie Kendricks [J*ski Disco Extended]
*AMERICA - Billy Paul [J*ski DUB]
*FREE MAN - South Shore Commission [Mike Maurro Mix]
*LET YOURSELF GO - Supremes [J*ski Extended]
*LOVE INFLATION - Joneses [Promo 7-Inch]

Remixes & Rewerks by:
Tom Moulton, Mike Maurro, John Morales, Ben Liebrand, Paul Simpson, Jazzy Jeff, 
Martin Shaw, Dave Lee, Maurice Fulton, iMFROMULL, Rick Gianatos, Eli Escobar, 
Ron Basejam, Jimmy DePre, Secret Squirrels, Young Pulse, & Myself!  


Jay Negron AFTER HOURS on CRIB RADIO - October 17, 2020

 *WE ALL NEED LOVE - Troiano

*MISSING - Vision feat. Andreya Triana & Ben Westbeech 

*LIPSTICK - Michel Polnareff


*LET'S GO DANCING - Horse Meat Disco feat. Amy Douglas

*SOMETHING ABOUT YOU - Birdee feat. Angela Johnson

*YOU DON'T KNOW - Serious Intention [Michael Gray Remix]

*ME & THE GANG - Bohannon [Les Visiteur Edit]

* BE FREE - Ten City

*POWER OF THE MIND - Billy Valentine [Dave Lee Disco Mix]

*MANHATTAN SKYLINE - AC Soul Symphony [Dave Lee JN Spirit of 78 Mix]

*GOT TO LOVE SOMEBODY - Sister Sledge [Tom Moulton Mix]

*OSIRIS - Sunshine Spund Medley [Francois K Sunshine DUB]

Download wav:

Download mp3:

Jay Negron on CRIB RADIO - October 10, 2020 - J*ski WePlayJams

Part 1:

*THAT'S THE WAY LOVE GOES - Janet Jackson [C.J. Mackintosh 12'']

*SOUTH AFRICAN MAN - Hamilton Bohannon


*LOOK WHO'S LONELY NOW - Randy Crawford [Doctor Soul ReTherapy]

*HEY LEROY, YOUR MAMA'S CALLIN' - Jimmy Castor Bunch [Danny Krivit Edit]

*HE'S A FRIEND - Eddie Kendricks [Tom Moulton Mix]

*CHANGE - Donald Byrd [J*ski Extended]

*KALIMBA STORY - Earth Wind & Fire [J*ski Extended]

*SWEET CHARLIE BABY - Jackie Moore [Tom Moulton Mix]

*HEARTBREAKER - Leroy Burgess [Moplen Mix]

*CHANGES - Imagination [Larry Levan Mix]

*LOVE IS ALWAYS ON YOUR MIND - Gladys Knight & The Pips [J*ski Edit]

Part 2:

*FREE YOURSELF - Simpson Uniquity feat. Adeva [Paul Simpson Club Mix]


*TRY MY LOVE FOR SIZE - Sharon Redd [Dr. Packer Rework]

*A REAL MUTHA FOR YA - Johnny Guitar Watson [Ben Liebrand Disco Mix]

*SOMETHING ABOUT YOU - Birdee feat. Angela Johnson

*TESTIFY - Davie [Mousse T's Funky Shizzle]

*RISKY CHANGES - Bionic Boogie [Tom Moulton Mix]

*POWER OF THE MIND - Dave Lee feat. Billy Valentine

*RIPPED OFF - Loleatta Holloway [Tom Moulton Mix]

Part 3:

*NOBODY CAN DO - Dee Dee Sharp Gamble [Chalk Edit]

*TIME FOR A CHANGE - Benita [J*ski Extended]

*TEASING ME SO BAD - Mr. President feat. Sabba MG

*TAKE A SHOT - Fantastics! feat, Sulene Fleming [Richard Earnshaw Mix]

*ONE MAN - Chanelle & Eric Kupper [Michael Gray Remix]

*IF I CAN'T GET DOWN - Mike Dunn [Mousse T Extended Mix]

*GIVE ME LOVE - Cerrone

*AMERICA - Billy Paul [Danny Krivit Edit]

*IT'S NOT THE WORLD THAT'S MESSED UP -Tapestry [J*ski Extended]

*MUSIC - Damon Harris [Eli Escobar Edit]

*EVERYBODY LOVES A GOOD THING - Phreeek [Joey Negro Mix]

*NIGHT TO REMEMBER - Eddie Holman [Tom Moulton Mix]

Special Mixes from Tom Moulton, Jean Lafaye, Danny Krivit,

Luca Moplen, Paul Simpson, Greg Packer, Ben Liebrand,

Mousse T, Dave Lee, Richard Earnshaw, Michael Gray,

Eli Escobar & Myself!

Download wav: (no talking)

Download mp3: (show)


Jay Negron on CRIB RADIO - Season Premiere - September 12, 2020

 Part 1:

*DANCE DANCE DANCE - Calhoon [J*ski Extended]

*I OWE YOU ONE - Shalamar [J*ski Extended]

*DO YOU LOVE WHAT YOU FEEL - Rufus/Chaka [J*ski Extended]

*BACK TOGETHER AGAIN - Roberta Flack/Donny Hathaway [Paul Simpson Mix]

*MY LOVE IS FREE - Double Exposure [Reflex ReVision]

*LET'S GO ALL THE WAY DOWN - Brenda & The Tabulations [Tom Moulton Mix]

*SLAP SLAP LICKETY LAP - Instant Funk [Danny Krivit Edit]

*LOVE HANGOVER - Diana Ross [Andy Bach Not Over Dub]

*NO WAY BACK - Dells [J*ski Extended]

*VICTIM - Candi Staton [John Morales M&M Mix]

*REPOSSESS - Linda Clifford [Tom Moulton Mix]

*GET IT OFF - Rafael Cameron [Kenny Dope Mix]

*I WANNA KNOW - Sunny Gale [J*ski Extended]

Part 2:

*CANDIDATE FOR LOVE - T.S. Monk [Robbie Casa Blanco REDUX]

*SECOND BEST IS NEVER ENOUGH - Finishing Touch [Mike Maurro 7-Inch Mix]

*DON'T FORGET ABOUT ME - TNJ's [Tom Moulton Mix]

*KEEP ON MOVING - Creative Source [J*ski Extended]

*SCORPIO - Dennis Coffey [Copy Cat Edit]

*HAVEN'T BEEN FUNKED ENOUGH - ExTras [Danny Krivit Edit]

*I HEAR MUSIC IN THE STREETS - Unlimited Touch [Louie Vega Touch Mix]

*SLOW LOVE - State Department [Apple Scruffs Edit]

*RUNNIN' - Earth Wind & Fire [Danny Krivit Edit]

*I WAS BORN THIS WAY - Carl Bean [Moplen Mix]

*DISCO NIGHTS - GQ [Dr. Packer ReBoot]

*SUPERSHIP - George "BAD" Benson [J*ski Stereo Mix]

*BIG STONE WALL - Tapestry [Mike Maurro 7-Inch Mix]

*INCH BY INCH - Strikers [Francois K Mix]

*MELODIES - Made In USA [Rafael Charres Mix]


*Brenda & The Tabulations *Calhoon *Candi Staton *Carl Bean *Creative Source

*Dells *Dennis Coffey *Diana Ross *Double Exposure *Earth Wind & Fire

*ExTras *Finishing Touch *George 'BAD' Benson *GQ *Instant Funk 

*Linda Clifford *Made In USA *Rafael Cameron *Roberta Flack/Donny Hathaway 

*Rufus/Chaka *Shalamar *State Department *Strikers *Sunny Gale *T.S. Monk 

*Tapestry *TNJ's *Unlimited Touch/Louie Vega

Remixes, ReEdits, Edits by:

Tom Moulton, Danny Krivit, Mike Maurro, Luca Moplen, Francois K, Paul Simpson, 

John Morales, Louie Vega, Kenny Dope, Robbie Casa Blanco, Dr. Packer, Reflex, 

Andy Bach, CopyCat, Apple Scruffs, Rafael Charres, & Myself!   

Download WAV:

Download mp3:

Sunday, August 16, 2020

CRIB RADIO SUMMER SESSIONS 2020: Jay Negron & Robert Ouimet [2+2]

Part 1:
*FAMILY AFFAIR - Sly &The Family Stone [Tom Moulton Mix]
*SOUL SHADOWS - Bill Withers [Paul Older Edit]
*LET'S GO ALL THE WAY - Brenda & The Tabulations [Al Kent Edit]
*PLEASE DON'T TEMPT ME - Lenny Williams [Martin Shaw ReVamp]
*THE REBEL - El Rey Del Boogaloo [Lego Edit]
*ALWAYS THERE - Willie Bobo [KON Mix]
*DANCE - Winans Brothers & Clark Sisters [Louie Vega FunkHouse DUB]
*CANDIDATE FOR LOVE - T.S. Monk [Robbie Casa Blanco Redux]
*GET ON UP (DISCO) - Tyrone Davis [JKriv ReWerk]
*SEXUAL HEALING - Marvin Gaye [Zibadan ReWerk]
*DON'T WALK THAT WAY - Privat Projekt [Nigel Lowis Nu-Disco Mix]
*A BETTER PLACE - Kathy Brown [Seamus Haji 'Feel It' Mix]

Part 2: 
*DANCE ALL NIGHT - Formula V [Robert-O & Dave Godin Edit]
*BACKSTROKIN' - Bosq featuring Kaleta
*BIG BLOW - Sunburst Band [Moodena Remix]
*BAD LUCK - Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes [Eli Escobar Remix]
*MIDNIGHT WALKING - Bobby Martin Orchestra [Robert-O Disco Edit]
*JUST BE YOURSELF - Pretenders [KON Remix]
*THIS AIN'T REALLY LOVE - Sophisticated Ladies [I Gemin Edit]
*COME INTO MY LIFE - Rick James [J*ski Extended]
*MAKES YOU BLIND/HOLD ON - Glitter Band [The Vision Singer Edit]
*CAN'T GET ENOUGH - Aeroplane feat. Leela D [Dimitri From Paris OG mix]
*THAT OLD BLACK MAGIC - Softones [John Morales M&M DUB]
*LOS CONQUISTADORES CHOCOLATES - Johnny Hammond [Luca Moplen Mix]

Part 3: 
*WE BELONG TOGETHER - Tony Valor Sounds Orchestra [HP Vince Edit]
*DANCE WITHOUT A REASON - Lempo & Roland Clark
*BOOGIE'S GONNA GET YA - Rafael Cameron [Tom Moulton Mix]
*EXPANSIONS - Lonnie Liston Smith [Dr. Packer 2020 Mix]
*FEEL GOOD - Cassio Ware [Cassio's Essential Vox Mix]
*NYC WOMAN - Sunburst Band [Mickey More & Andy Tee Disco Mix]
*AND I AM TELLING YOU I'M NOT GOING - David Morales/Elle Cato [Def Club Mix]
*WE ARE THE ONES - Simpson Uniquity [J*ski Extended]
*THE CURE & THE CAUSE - Fish Go Deep/Tracey K [DJ Meme Philly Suite Mix]
*RHYTHM OF LIFE - Afro Cuban Band [Robert-O & Dave Godin ReWerk] 
*DOWN TO LOVE TOWN - Originals/Rashaan Houston [J*ski Extended]
*WEEKEND - Phreeek [Tom Moulton Mix]

Part 4:
*TWO DIFFERENT WORLDS - Choice Four [David Todd 12'' Mix]
*EAST OF THE APPLE - Cross Island [Al Kent Remix]
*NO ROMANCE/KEEP ON DANCING - Theo Vaness [Francois K Mix/J*ski Edit]
*GOT TO LOVE SOMEBODY - Sister Sledge [Tom Moulton Mix]
*DISCO BREAKDOWN - Rena Scott [Souldynamic Edit]
*GIRL I'M ON YOUR SIDE - BarKays [Queen & Disco Edit]
*TAKE IT ALL AWAY - Crooked Man featuring Pete Simpson
*WHERE ARE ALL MY FRIENDS - Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes [Remix]
*SHINING - Venus Dodson/Leroy Burgess [Joey Negro Mix]
*YOU CAN BE A STAR - Luther Davis Group [Personify Edit]
*MISSING - Everything But the Girl [Joshua Grey Terrazza Mix]
*WHEN WILL I SEE YOU AGAIN - Three Degrees [Tom Moulton Mix]

*Aeroplane/Leela *Afro Cuban Band *BarKays *Bill Withers
*Bobby Martin Orchestra *Bosq/Kaleta *Brenda & The Tabulations
*Casio Ware *Choice Four *Crooked Man/Pete Simpson *Cross Island
*David Morales/Elle Cato *El Rey Del Boogaloo *Everything But the Girl 
*Fish Go Deep/Tracey K *Formula V *FSQ *Glitter Band
*Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes *Johnny Hammond *Kathy Brown
*Lempo/Roland Clark *Lenny Williams *Lonnie Liston Smith
*Luther Davis Group *Marvin Gaye *Originals/Rashaan Houston *Phreeek
*Pretenders *Privat Projekt *Rafael Cameron *Rena Scott *Rick James
*Simpson Uniquity *Sister Sledge/Chic *Sly & The Family Stone *Softones
*Sophisticated Ladies *Sunburst Band *T.S. Monk *Theo Vaness
*Three Degrees *Tony Valor Sounds Orchestra *Tyrone Davis
*Venus Dodson/Leroy Burgess *Willie Bobo *Winans Bros/Clark Sisters 

Remixes, Edits & ReWerks by:
*Al Kent *Bosq *Cassio *Crooked Man *Dave Godin *David Morales
*David Todd *Dimitri From Paris *Dr. Packer *Eli Escobar *Francois K
*HP Vince *I Gemin *Jay Negron *JKriv *Joey Negro *John Morales
*Joshua Grey *KON *LegoEdit *Lempo *Louie Vega *Luca Moplen
*Martin Shaw *Meme *Mickey More/Andy Tee *Moodena *Nigel Lowis
*Paul Older *Paul Simpson *Personify Edit *Queen & Disco  
*Robbie Casa Blanco *Robert Ouimet *Seamus Haji 
*Souldynamic *Tom Moulton *Vision Singer *Zibaden

SUMMER SESSIONS Produced & Mixed by Robert Ouimet & Jay Negron
for CRIB RADIO Productions & TWINZZ Productions Ltd. (c) 2020


Monday, July 6, 2020

Jay Negron on CRIB RADIO - July 4, 2020 - Season Finale

Part 1:
*MELLOW BLOW - Barrabus [Matthew Kyle Edit]
*QUEEN OF MY SOUL - AWB [Situation Edit]
*EVERYONE'S A WINNER - Hot Chocolate [Tom Moulton Mix]
*WHAT YOU GONNA DO WITH MY LOVIN' - Stephanie Mills [Tom Moulton Mix]
*RUNAWAY LOVE - Linda Clifford & The Jones Girls 
*NATIVE NEW YORKER - Odyssey [Mike Maurro Mix]
*SWEARIN' TO GOD - Frankie Valli [Special Remix]
*TLC - MFSB [J*ski Extended]
*AND YOU CALL THAT LOVE - Vernon Burch [J*ski Extended]
*AIN'T GONNA BUMP NO MORE - Joe Tex [J*ski Extended]
*PLEASE DON'T TEMPT ME - Lenny Williams [J*ski Disco Extended]
*CLOUDS - Chaka Khan [Dimitri From Paris Remix]

Part 2:
*YOU'LL NEVER FIND ANOTHER LOVE - Lou Rawls [Mike Maurro Mix]
*RIO DE JANIERO - Gary Criss [Richie Rivera Midnight Mix]
*WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU - Labelle [J*ski Extended]
*SAY A PRAYER FOR TWO - Crown Heights Affair [Ghosts Of Venice Edit]
*SOMEDAY WE'LL ALL BE FREE - Donny Hathaway [Reflex ReVision]
*ONCE I'VE BEEN THERE - Norman Connors 
*SUN SUN SUN - Jakki [Walter Gibbons Mix]
*WHISTLE BUMP - Deodato [Moplen Mix]
*IT'S BETTER THAN A GOOD TIME - Gladys Knight & The Pips [John Morales M&M Mix]
*GREEN LIGHT - Cory Daye
*I WAS BORN THIS WAY - Carl Bean [Tom Moulton Mix/Young Pulse Rework]
*OUR LOVE IS INSANE - Desmond Child & Rouge [John Luongo Mix]
*I LOVE AMERICA - Patrick Juvet [J*ski CRIB Edit]

Part 3:
*TRY ME, I KNOW WE CAN MAKE IT - Donna Summer [J*ski Edit]
*I CAUGHT YOUR ACT - Hues Corporation [John Morales M&M Mix]
*CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT YOUR LIVE - Tamiko Jones [Joey Negro Mix]
*YOU'RE MY PIECE OF MIND - Faith Hope & Charity [J*ski CRIB Edit]
*RISKY CHANGES - Bionic Boogie [Mike Maurro Mix]
*DO WHAT YOU WANNA DO - T-Connection [Moplen Mix]
*OPEN SESAME - Kool & The Gang [iMFROMULL Edit]
*THAT OLD BLACK MAGIC - Softones [John Morales M&M DUB]
*K-JEE - AC Soul Symphony [Joey Negro Mix]
*FOREVER CAME TODAY - Jackson 5 [John Morales M&M Mix]
*I'M EVERY WOMAN - Chaka Khan [Dimitri From Paris Mix]
*WHERE ARE ALL MY FRIENDS - Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes [John Morales M&M Mix]

Part 4:
*ONE DAY OF PEACE - Love Committee [Tom Moulton Mix]
*STARVIN' - Trammps [Tom Moulton Mix/J*ski Extended]
*DANCIN' - Grey & Hanks [J*ski Extended]
*PEACE PIPE - B.T. Express [Mike Maurro Mix]
*SUNNY - Yambu [Whiskey Barons Edit]
*DOIN' THE BEST - Bettye LaVette [Walter Gibbons Mix]
*CERRONE'S PARADISE - Cerrone [Joey Negro Mix]
*MacARTHUR PARK SUITE - Donna Summer [John Morales M&M Mix]
*MELODIES - Made In USA [Rafael Charres Mix/J*ski Edit]

Download WAV: 

Download mp3:

Jay Negron on CRIB RADIO - June 6, 2020 - WePlayJams

Part 1:
*CHANGES - Randy Crawford [Tom Moulton Mix]
*YOU GOT TO BE THE ONE - Chi-lites [Martin Shaw & J*ski Extended]
*DARE TO DREAM - Viola Wills [London Remix]
*MUSIC TRANCE - Ben E. King [Paul Simpson Edit]
*LOVE TALK - James Gilstrap [Martin Shaw & J*ski Extended]
*GINGA - Robson Jorge & Lincoln Olivetti [Dr. Soul 'Paa Pa' ReTherapy]
*GOOD LOVER - D-Influence
*ONE FOR THE MONEY - Whispers [J*ski After Hours Dub]
*MY LOVE IS FREE - Double Exposure [Reflex ReVision] 
*LOVE & HAPPINESS - First Choice [Eli Escobar 'Luv Rochelle' Edit]
*STARCHILD - Level 42 [Reflex ReVision]
*ALWAYS THERE - Side Effect [Tom Moulton Mix]
*BODY CONTACT CONTRACT - Trammps [Tom Moulton Mix/J*ski Edit]
*TRUE LOVE IS MY DESTINY - James Wells [Danny Krivit Edit]
*OPEN MY EYES - DT6 featuring Marco Rea [Tom Moulton Remix]

Part 2:
*A NICE GIRL LIKE YOU - Intruders [J*ski Extended]
*SEE YOU WHEN I GIT THERE - Lou Rawls [Reflex ReVision]
*TAKE A STAND - Gerideau
*WE CAN MAKE IT BETTER - Rena Scott [SoulDynamic Funk Purpose Edit]
*WE ARE THE ONES - Simpson Uniquity [Paul Simpson Club Mix]
*ARMED & EXTREMELY - First Choice [Ralphi Rosario DUB]
*MOVIN' - Brass Construction [J.Kriv Movin' Edit]
*COULD HEAVEN EVER BE LIKE THIS - Idris Muhammad [LNTG/Paul Simpson Edit]
*MOUNTAINS - Vision [Danny Krivit Mix/J*ski CRIB Edit]
*COMING ON STRONG - Caroline Crawford/Bohannon [Get Down Edits]

Download wav:

Download mp3: